California Exposed Firearms Range Training

Approved courses for Law Enforcement, State Department & Military-

Please contact us via telephone or email if you’re seeking information regarding our government (Local, State and Federal) approved courses. We will send you a catalog on available training - sTART YOUR COURSE BY CLICKING HERE NOW.»

Why choose Academy of Police Science & Protective Services (APSPS)?

Here the Academy of Police and Protective Services we are dedicated to providing top notch quality training available to both the private sector, public sector as well as individuals just seeking personal security & defense training. We have a full array of options and training programs for entry-level public safety as well as more advanced security courses for military and bodyguards/executive protection agents. In regards to individuals seeking training related to personal safety and security we have a variety of programs, anything from introduction to firearms to special weapons and tactics.

Unlike others in our industry we do not have an age requirement, all we require and ask of our students is that they understand and practice safety at all times. We've had the pleasure of training individual from all walks of life from disabled individuals, men, women, boys, girls as well as senior citizens. Our staff has several decades of combined experience ranging from having worked as police officers, military and federal law enforcement agents.

We can also provide customized training molded to your specifics from require buildings, vehicles, aircraft and even actors...basically if you can dream it we can set it up!

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Discount for all Fire, Law & Military (Active & Inactive) 15% Off...

Academy of Police Science and Protective Services Military Seals.gif To show our appreciation for the men and women who risk their lives to protect us and our freedoms we are offering a discount of 15% off course fees.

This discount is extended to not only the men or women of our armed forces (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy) but also those men and women serving locally as law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics. Should you have any questions regarding this program please contact us | Click here for more information»

CA. Security Guard Registration Course $25 (Guard Card Class Online)

Welcome to the Academy of Police Science and Protective Services website. Here you will find several training options (e.g. online, in person). The Academy of Police Science and Protective Services was the first California State licensed training facility to offer certified online security training programs. We've been providing training services online for several years now which makes us not only the most experience with online training but also the best according to our students. We are rated number one when it comes to customer service, content and quality.

The Academy of police science and protective services has been training police, military, federal agents, and private security officers throughout the world. Our training programs are board certified, approved and licensed by several government entities including private organizations. If you looking to get started in Public Safety and Security Industry you've come to the right place. Please navigate our website for more information or just contact me telephone or email and we'll be glad to assist.



Patrol Rifle and Patrol Shotgun Training. for Private Security

We have exciting news from the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau Security and Investigative Services they are currently developing a new program for private security officers which will allow security guards and officers to legally carry long guns such as shotguns and patrol rifles. At the moment the Academy of Police Science & Protective Services does currently offer Patrol Shotgun and Rifle certified by the NRA. read more »

Handgun, rifle, and shotgun training avavailable to everyone!

There is a lot of confusion associated with the upcoming licensing and permit allowing Security Officers to carry long guns. We offer the same rifle and shotgun training previously only available to military and police/law enforcement to everyone interested in such training. You don't have to be in the private security or public safety industry to come and train with us. Clicking Here»

What is a CA. Security Guard Card Registration and how do I get one?

California Security Guard Card Registration PermitThe number one question we get is what is a California guard card and how do I get one. A California guard card also known as guard registration is a licensure provided by the state of California to those working within the security industry protecting people or property while interacting with the general public. There are 3 steps one must complete in order to get a guard card. The first step is complete the BSIS Security Guard Card Course known as Powers to Arrest, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism Awareness. The second step is to complete a Live Scan Service Request (Electronic Fingerprints) at a local live scan provider. Step 3 the final step is to submit your application to the BSIS.

By law you must obtain guard registration for both you and your employer could possibly suffer legal pitted royalties and fines as well as increase your civil liability in regard to lawsuit. If you're interested in more information:Click here »

Exposed Firearm Permit Range Requalifications (Live Fire Requals)

The Academy of Police Science and Protective Services Training Center offers not only initial course required to obtain an exposed firearms permit but also requalification required in order to maintain or renew the permit. The requals are done daily by appointment. The BSIS require that permit holders complete live fire training and lecture at least every 4 to 6 months for a total of 4 requals every two years. For more information click of "Read More"Read more »

State approval GUARANTEED or your moneyback!*

The title above says it all. Once you've complete all 3 steps required to get a California Guard Card and submit your application to the state you will be approved or your course fees will be refunded. Just send us a copy of your denial letter from the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services so that one of our case managers can verify the letter and process your course fee refund.

California Executive Protections Training Student

Online Security Training

$25 gets you can get started on a path of starting a whole new career just by completing our State California Licensed & Approved Course. APSPS tution is the lowest in the industry. We not only offer the lowest price guaranteed but also GUARANTEED STATE APPROVAL*!!!Click Here

Guard Card Firearms Requal

Security Course by APPT.

There is an appointment requirement for our in person (live) guard card course due to limited seating this applies to all in person training.

Training Facility Calender

Please contact us to set up an appointment which is required due to limited seating.

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CA. guard Card Training

Online Mandatory Elective Courses

State law requires more training once you recieved you California Guard Card. The requirements are easy to comply with thanks to the our online training program... Click here for more information»

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